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What information you need for booking a room?

Please fill out the information on our reservation request, Also we need to know how and around what time you get to Drake Bay. That way we can arrange reservations for transport or help you find parking in Sierpe and so on ...

Cancellation Policy: The guest can cancel free of charge until 60 days before arrival. The guest will be charged the total price if they cancel in the 60 days before arrival.

Is it possible to reach Drake Bay by 4x4 car and how long does it take?

I never recommend driving here because of time and money.... actually in Costa Rica you dont really need a 4x4 to get to most places so save some money and rent a small car, but if you decide to take a chance from June to end of November it can be difficult due to heavy rain fall around that time of the year. You have to cross some rivers and you wouldnt be able to pass with a car… From Palmar Norte it is about 3-4 hours driving time.

Do we have to pay anything ahead?

Yes - also for your own confirmation security - 50% deposit.

Is there a bank in Drake Bay and can I pay with credit card?

There is no ATM and no bank in Drake Bay, so your last chance to withdraw cash would be Palmar Norte. We suggest bringing sufficient cash for your stay, some restaurants don’t accept cards. You can pay everything at our place with credit card, although there is a 13% Costa Rican tax on top. You can also pay cash in dollar or colones.

Is there electricity in Drake Bay?

Yes, there is, although black outs for a few hours can happen due to fallen trees on the electric lines.

What do I have to bring for my trip to Costa Rica?

Camera with extra batteries and charger, binoculars, alarm clock, electrical adapter, flashlight, headlamp, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, bug repellent, first-aid kit, short-sleeve shirts, shorts, bathing suit, water sandals, sweater, rain jacket, light long pants (to protect your legs from insects and also for night hikes!), socks and hiking boots. You may want to bring a dress for women; a button-down shirt for men. Also pack a large plastic bag to store wet clothes and a small one to protect the camera from rain.

Are there restaurants in Drake Bay?

Around the corner is a soda with local food, a pizza place and a fish restaurant. In the village are also a few more sodas, as locals call the small restaurants.

What is the normal tipping policy in Costa Rica?

In restaurants a 10% service tip is usually included. Small sodas don’t always include it- so just check your bill. Tour guides and helpers greatly appreciate a tip- is not mandatory and you will not get a lesser quality of service, but average salaries are not very high, and by adding a bit more to their income you sure are helping the families handling their life expenses.

Is there an internet café in Drake?

No, because almost every hotel (including us) offer free wifi and internet access.

How do I get to Drake Bay from San José by bus?

The earliest bus is leaving the Tracopa bus station (near Clinica Biblica) at 5 am. The ticket counter opens at 4.30 am and you should buy tickets at least one day ahead in the high season. You reach Palmar Norte around 11am and should then take a taxi to Sierpe. Please tell everybody you want to go to Pachecos Cabin. We can hep you with the taxi, they will pick you up at the bus stop and help with your luggage too. In Sierpe you take the boat to Drake Bay at 11.30am and in Drake Bay we wait for you at the beach at 1 pm.

Do you know if we need to book bus tickets in advance, and if so, how do we do that?

You have to go at least one day before to the Tracopa station to buy the tickets. In the high season (dec-april) the buses are normally booked up!

How much is the bus from San José to Palmar Norte and how long does it take?

Regularly it’s about $10-12 and the coastal bus takes 5 hours, the bus through the mountains 6 hours.

How much is the taxi Palmar to Sierpe?

For the car its $16, but usually more people are going, so he charges $4 each.

How much is the boat trip from Sierpe to Drake Bay and how often is it leaving?

There are only 2 boats going every day: The 11.30am boat is $15, the 4:00 pm boat is $20 per person. You dont need to make a reservation ahead.

We are arriving by car at Sierpe. Can we leave the car somewhere safe?

You look for Hotel Oleaje Sereno, ask for Don Jorge and he has a secured parking ($6 per day). From the same restaurant also the boats are leaving. We get you a reservation for 11.30 am with Captain Alex. That's $15 p.p. you pay him directly please. Here in Drake we will pick you up from the beach.

We are planning to do several tours. Do we need to make reservations ahead?

It is better to book the tours ahead of time.

If we take the tour to Caño Island or Corcovado, could we get a boat back to Sierpe the afternoon?

We have to coordinate the boats, but yes, you can make it for the 2.30pm boat to Sierpe.

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